Michael Thorogood

Author, Filmmaker, Photographer

Michael Thorogood is a young writer,
filmmaker and photographer
from London.

Sahara, Souk & Atlas

Strapped to Africa’s northern shores, Morocco is a staggering land of harsh desert, high mountains and spellbound medinas. Sahara, Souk & Atlas recounts two journeys across this land. From spontaneous beginnings, these journeys become a passage to the heart of North Africa’s indigenous people. They know themselves as the Amazigh, ‘free people.’ For millennia, the Amazigh were the dominant force across North Africa. They were a seemingly unconquerable people, but today they are fighting for cultural recognition in the lands where their ancestors lived. This book tells their remarkable story of rebellion and resistance. From the souks of eccentric Marrakech, to the guilds of pious Fez, enclosed are tales that dig to the roots of Moroccan society. Brace for a gripping journey through a land of diversity, from the tribal High Atlas and lawless Rif, to campfire folklore beneath the stars with desert nomads, whose way of life is on the brink.

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